Moisture Around Roof Pitch Pockets

Most roofs have pipes, vents or other penetrations that require special details to prevent infiltration of moisture. A roof pitch pocket is a sheet metal box with a flange on the bottom and is designed to surround roof penetrations. The flange is secured under the roof system to provide a water-tight seal.

Infrared image of moisture around a pitch pocketAreas around pitch pockets should be inspected carefully during an IR Flat Roof Moisture Survey

During a recent Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey, Jersey Infrared Consultants’ thermographer Robert Richardson, located two pitch pockets that had moisture in the adjacent roof system.

Infrared image taken during a recent Jersey Infrared Consultants SurveyDuring a recent IR Flat Roof inspection, Jersey Infrared Consultants located moisture around pitch pockets

For more information, visit Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Surveys.

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