IR Windows Eliminate Panel Cover Removal

Jersey Infrared Consultants works with customers to eliminate need to remove electrical panelsBecause infrared imagers cannot ‘see’ through solid objects, accurate infrared inspections of electrical switchgear require the removal of panel covers to provide a direct line-of sight to subject components.  Often, panel cover removal/replacement is the most time-consuming aspect of an infrared inspection.  One alternative is the installation of IR switchgear windows.
The benefits of installing IR Windows include:

  • Cost Savings / Increased EfficiencyJersey Infrared Consultants use their years of experience to help with successful installation of IR windows
  • Data Management
  • Risk Management
  • Safety
  • Standards Compliant

With over 30 years experience, Jersey Infrared Consultants are uniquely qualified to answer questions you may have related to IR switchgear windows. We offer a wide range of switchgear windows and can install them for you.

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