Information about Jersey Infrared Consultants

Information about Infrared Thermography & Jersey Infrared Consultants

– What is Thermography?
– Where can infrared Thermography be used?
– Are there Any Standards for Thermography?
– What is Certification?
– Why is experience important?
– What should an Infrared Survey report include?
– What territories does Jersey Infrared Consultants cover?
– What is the Jersey Infrared Consultants difference?

What is Thermography?

Infrared thermography is a non-contact, non-destructive test method that utilizes a thermal imager to detect, display and record thermal patterns and temperatures across the surface of an object. Infrared thermography may be applied to any situation where knowledge of thermal profiles and temperatures will provide meaningful data about a system, object or process. Thermography is widely used in industry for predictive maintenance, condition assessment, quality assurance, and forensic investigations of electrical, mechanical and structural systems. Other applications include, but are not limited to: law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, and medical and veterinary sciences.

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Where can Infrared Thermography be used?

Every commercial, industrial or healthcare facility has applications for Infrared Thermography. Common applications include:

  • Electrical –while a system is under load, identify potential electrical problems prior to failure
  • Flat Roof – identify and document latent moisture in a roof system
  • Building Envelope – locate and document missing and / or damaged insulation
  • Steam System – provide information that can improve function and reduce energy loss
  • Underground Pipes – detect evidence of underground pipe leaks for systems that carry heated or cooled fluids
  • Mechanical – identify latent or incipient equipment failures

Using our years of experience, Jersey Infrared Consultants routinely performs specialized Infrared Thermographic services for the Petrochemical industry, on Research and Development projects, and expert witness consultations. Please visit our Infrared Inspection Services for additional information on specific applications.

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Are There Any Standards for Thermography?

There are a number of standards and specifications published for infrared thermography. Currently, standards exist for the certification of personnel, operation of equipment, and inspections of electrical, mechanical, and structural systems. Jersey Infrared Consultants staff consists of Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers®. Surveys are performed using state-of-the-art equipment with direct traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology; and follow procedures that meet or exceed current industrial standards, including NETA, NFPA, ASTM and Infraspection Institute.

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What is Certification?

Taken at face value, certification generally indicates one’s level of formal training. This training, combined with experience and knowledge of the system or structure being inspected determine a thermographer’s qualifications. The American Society for Nondestructive Testing document, SNT-TC-1A provides suggested criteria and experience under the Thermal/Infrared Test Method. Recommended curricula and classroom hours are listed below.







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Why is experience important?

Advances in technology have provided infrared equipment that is user-friendly; however, infrared thermography is not a “simply point and shoot” technology. In addition to understanding the object or system being inspected, thermographers must also understand common error sources that can influence observed thermal data. Jersey Infrared Consultants’ thermographers have a thorough understanding of infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment selection and operation, how to eliminate or overcome common error sources, and specific applications. Our staff regularly conducts training classes, publishes technical articles, and participates in continuing education.

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What should an Infrared Survey report include?

At the conclusion of your Infrared Survey, the finding should be documented in a clear, easy-to-understand report, in a written format as well as electronic. A report that complies with industry standards should include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Thermographer’s Comments
  • Description of the work completed and/or findings
  • Detailed information along with thermogram to provide appropriate documentation of problems or areas of interest
  • Avoided Cost Analysis Report (Electrical Surveys only)
  • Drawing of Roof indicating the findings (Roof Surveys only)

Sample reports specific to the type of Infrared Survey can be viewed under the appropriate services or contact us directly.

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What territories does Jersey Infrared Consultants cover?

Although our “home” territory stretches from southern Connecticut to
Washington, D. C., and from the Atlantic coast to Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania,
Jersey Infrared Consultants work nationwide.

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What is the Jersey Infrared Consultants Difference?

Jersey Infrared Consultants, an ISNetworld compliant firm, have provided commercial and industrial Infrared Surveys throughout the United States since 1984. We are a leader in commercial and industrial Infrared Thermography.

  • Our thermographers are certified by Infraspection Institute, and are certified to Level 3 in Thermal/Infrared Method in accordance with ASNT document, SNT-TC-1A.
  • Jersey Infrared Consultants’ safety compliance, background check, and drug screening programs are a part of our commitment to providing an unequaled level of client care and quality service
  • Our procedures meet or exceed current industrial standards, including NETA, NFPA, ASTM and Infraspection Institute.
  • We perform our Infrared Surveys using the appropriate infrared imagers with the necessary accessories to complete your project.
  • Our staff size and commitment to customer service allows flexibility and scheduling of projects to meet your needs.
  • Our capabilities, expertise and professionalism enable us to remain a LEADER IN THE INDUSTRY.

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