Infrared Windows


•  Increase Efficiency
•  Save Money
•  Improve Safety


With interest in NFPA 70E at all-time high, many companies are seeking ways to conduct their infrared inspections more safely. In many cases, installation of an Infrared Window is the answer.  Jersey Infrared Consultants offer sales, installation, and training for the world’s most complete and comprehensive lines of IR switchgear windows and ports.


IR Window Sales & Consulting

Proper application of IR windows begins with making the right choice.  IR windows are available in a wide selection of materials, sizes, and shapes; each designed to cost effectively meet any application or installation challenge.

With our extensive experience, Jersey Infrared Consultants can provide you with guidance to select the best IR window and help ensure the success of your installation.  Once your selection has been made, we can fill your order quickly anywhere within the US.


Installation of Infrared WindowsInstalled IRISS Infrared CAP Window

Proper installation of IR windows is critical to success.  Jersey Infrared Consultants offer installation of IR windows utilizing qualified installers.  Our expertise ensures that your windows are installed properly and safely and that they are positioned to optimize inspection results.

As an alternative, we can provide your personnel with instructions to properly install windows.