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  • Using an Isotherm Feature
    The more things change, the more they remain the same. This timeless observation is especially true when referring to the isotherm feature found on today's modern thermal imagers.
  • Role of IR Inspections for Electrical Distribution Systems
    Infrared inspections can be a valuable tool for detecting problems within electrical distribution systems. Understanding when and where to utilize thermography is key to obtaining maximum benefit.
  • Drones Fly Beyond Inspections
    In industrial settings, drone- based technology is being used with increasing frequency to improve safety and inspect and analyze inaccessible areas.
  • Infrared Imaging and Spray Testing of Walls
    Infrared imaging can be useful for detecting leaks within building sidewalls; however, timing an inspection can be tricky. Controlled wetting of walls can be used to simulate storm conditions during an inspection.
  • Insect Safety Tip
    For many, it’s that time of year again when nature’s little wonders come out and remind us that we need to be proactive in reducing our exposure to the flying and crawling types of hazards.

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