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  • Scheduling IR Equipment for Maintenance
    Many thermographers think of the holidays as a time for family, festivities and annual maintenance of their infrared equipment. Planning ahead can help to minimize imager downtime and avoid or minimize program interruption.
  • Understanding Radiance
    Keeping it simple is a principle for effective communications. When it comes to infrared thermography, oversimplification can be detrimental when it leads to confusion or misunderstandings.
  • School's Open - Drive Carefully
    Launched in 1946, the American Automobile Association's School’s Open – Drive Carefully awareness campaign was created as a way to help reduce child pedestrian fatalities and injuries.
  • Infrared Inspections of Conveyor Bearings
    If your facility utilizes conveyor systems for moving product, you may be able to use your thermal imager to locate defective bearings.
  • Splash Protection for Your IR Imager
    Taking your infrared imager into dusty or wet environments can have disastrous consequences for your imager. While it is best to wait for such conditions to subside, you can use a polyethylene sheet or trash bag to temporarily protect your imager […]