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Receptacle Testing

Electrical Receptacle Testing

In addition to our infrared inspection services, Jersey Infrared Consultants offer electrical receptacle testing for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

NFPA 99 requires that this testing is performed annually for all hospitals and healthcare facilities. Jersey Infrared Consultants have been providing receptacle testing for nearly 20 years and have the expertise to help your healthcare facility comply with current NFPA standards and insurance requirements.

Our technicians are adept at working in all areas of healthcare facilities. All work is performed in accordance with currently accepted industry best practices, safety protocols, and published standards.

Upon completion of testing, you will receive a comprehensive written report that provides a clear record of your inspection and provides you with information to make necessary repairs and keep your facility safe. Our reports meet documentation requirements specified by JCAHO.

Tests Performed

  • Visual Inspection
  • Proper Wiring
  • Grounding Slot Tension
  • Hot & Neutral Slot Tension
  • GFCI Trip Operation


  • Identify Hazardous Devices
  • Ensure Proper Wiring
  • Protect Worker & Patient Safety
  • Meet Insurance Requirements
  • Comply With NFPA Standards

Contact us to schedule your Electrical Receptacle Testing.