Expert Witness Testimony

As thermography has matured, its use as legal evidence has increased. Due to its graphic nature, both plaintiffs and defendants routinely introduce thermal imaging as evidence in criminal and civil cases. In every case, it is critical that your expert witness by an infrared expert in the proper use of thermography and correct interpretation of thermographic data.

expert witness should be a Level III Master ThermographerJersey Infrared Consultants is one of the few infrared inspection firms qualified to provide expert witness services in thermography and radiometric temperature measurement. With over 30 years experience in all facets of the infrared industry, our expertise is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Our personnel involved in expert witness projects are highly experienced, Level III practicing Master Thermographers, with expertise across a broad range of infrared applications. In fact, they have co-authored many of the application and equipment standards that enjoy worldwide use today. Our staff have worked on numerous investigations, and have testified or participated in legal cases at the state, federal, and international levels.

We work for both plaintiffs and defendants, and can provide the following services:

  • Infrared inspections for condition assessment, as well as scientific analysis of physical evidenceexpert witness use of infrared thermography for roofs
  • Expert reports written to meet evidentiary requirements
  • Review, analysis, and insightful critique of reports and work product of others
  • Delivery of persuasive opinion testimony at deposition, arbitration, and trial
  • Preparation of counsel for opposing expert cross-examination
  • Consulting expert services, including education of counsel, and assistance with case plan and interim strategy review

Whether you are defending a claim or seeking to use thermography as evidence, you need a qualified expert on your team. We invite you to contact us to review your case and allow us to answer any questions that you may have.