IR Electrical Survey locates problem with Neutrals

Infrared electrical survey locates problem with neutrals:

Infrared Electrical Survey locates problem with Neutrals - Color thermogram of problem on neutralIt is a common misconception that neutrals do not carry current and therefore do not need to be included during an Infrared Electrical System Survey.  During a recent Infrared Electrical System Survey of a facility in New York City, our thermographer performed a thorough inspection of an electrical panel, concluding at the neutral bar.  The thermal anomaly identified was classified as a Priority 1 problem.

Infrared Electrical Survey locates problem with Neutrals -thermal image of neutral taken in New York CityTo help ensure that your facility’s Infrared Electrical System Survey is a thorough as possible, please use the information available on our Electrical Equipment Checklist.


How do I prepare for an Infrared Electrical Survey?

Proper preparation for an upcoming Infrared Electrical System Survey can help keep costs to a minimum and provide better data. Be sure qualified manpower is available (beware of vacation and training assignments); have keys and access codes for all secured areas; and notify tenants or key personnel as appropriate.

The order in which equipment is surveyed, otherwise known as Routes, should take into account the logistics of moving from location to location and any changes in load demands occurring during the day. A list from a previous Infrared Electrical Survey can be used as a guide.

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