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Include Your Emergency Power Equipment in Your IR Electrical Survey

Most facilities perform IR inspections of their electrical distribution systems at least annually as part of a PM program. To help ensure maximum reliability, regularly-scheduled IR inspections should also include the emergency power systems.

When performing infrared inspections of emergency systems be sure to:

  • Inspect all backup generators while running. Begin inspection at generator output leads and proceed to generator bus, breakers, and switchgear.
  • Include all Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches. Inspect switches in both normal and emergency positions.
  • Inspect UPS system controls, switchgear, battery cells, battery bus and wiring. Battery cell temperatures should be the same between cells with no hotspots on individual cells.
  • Have adequate load on the subject emergency circuits This may be accomplished with normal facility load or by utilizing a load bank.

Taking the time to properly include your emergency power equipment in your IR inspection program can pay huge dividends by increasing the likelihood that your backup equipment won’t leave you in the dark should the power fail.