Required Roof Conditions for Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey

infrared roof surveyAn Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey can provide useful information on the condition of a facility’s roof; however, the Survey must be performed under the correct conditions.  

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These Required Roof Conditions are based upon ASTM Standards,currently accepted industry practice and our 15 years experience.



These conditions would include:

• Completely dry roof membrane at sunrise.  No ice, snow, or standing water can be present in the areas to be Surveyed.

• Mostly sunny day.

• Daytime high temperatures of at least 40° F.

• Winds of less than 15 mph during daytime hours and during the evening while the Survey is being conducted.

• No precipitation on the day of the Survey.

• All debris or construction materials removed from the roof prior to the morning of the survey.