IR Flat Roof Survey Planning

Infrared Flat Roof Survey by Jersey Infrared ConsultantsInfrared Flat Roof Survey

An infrared inspection of your flat roof can detect evidence of problems and provide direction for the necessary repairs before problems get out of hand.  When the infrared survey is completed properly, the written report, along with the marks on the roof, should provide clear identification of the locations and amount of roof areas with moisture.

Planning for your Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey starts with collecting the following vital information:

  • Membrane:  what type of membrane; is it smooth, covered with gravel or a coating; is it ballasted?
  • Size:  approximately how many square feet (nearest 1,000); how many levels or sections are included; is it the entire roof?
  • Special notes:  any special access or security; does the roof drain well or pond; is there a specific date by which the report is needed?

Once this information is collected, the Jersey Infrared Consultants staff can work with you to develop a plan that will meet your facility’s needs.  Sample report and additional information is available on our website.

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