When is Hot Not a Problem?

Infrared Electrical Inspections

Generally, a thermal anomaly or hot spot identified during an IR Electrical System Survey indicates a infrared electrical inspections - Jersey Infrared Consultantsproblem such as a loose connection or overloaded circuit. For some electrical components, however,high temperature operation is normal and an infrared imager can be used to help ensure that these devices are functioning properly.

Capacitors used for power factor correction are good examples of components that are normally warm. Properly functioning capacitors should operate above ambient temperature and their casings should be uniform in temperature when compared to similar units under similar load.

Thermal overload relays are found in many motor controllers. The elements of these relays, often called heaters, may operate at high temperatures when the circuit is under load. When compared to adjacent phases, these elements should be similar in temperature with no pronounced hot spots.

Jersey Infrared Consultant’s thermographers have the proper training and experience with both infrared thermography and commercial electrical systems to correctly interpret the thermal patterns found during your Infrared Electrical System Survey.

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