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Hearing + Seeing = Infrasonic™ Steam System Survey

Passive ultrasound and infrared thermography are two types of non-destructive testing that provide different, and complementary, information for preventive and predictive maintenance.  When inspecting a steam system, the combination of these two technologies provides information that is unmatched in its accuracy.

Jersey IR uses Infrared and Ultrasound technologiesAn ultrasonic translator converts high-frequency emissions generated from the mechanical and fluid flows of steam traps into the audible range where they are heard through headphones and seen as intensity levels on a meter.  Testing steam traps with ultrasound can determine if the trap is operating properly and the amount of condensate load.

Infrared image of steam trapHowever, the ultrasonic instrument cannot tell if a trap is cold or blocked.  Infrared imaging allows inspection of the thermal patterns of equipment leading to and from the trap, as well as providing a visual image of the cycle pattern of the trap.


When performing an Infrasonic™ Steam System Survey, Jersey Infrared Consultants utilize BOTH technologies to provide a facility with a detailed report of the condition of its steam system.  To see a sample report or discuss how an Infrasonic™ Steam System Survey can help your facility, contact us.