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Infrared Surveys can Stretch Your Budget

Entering into the last Quarter the calendar year, maintenance departments often face their own budget dilemma – not enough money to finish all the necessary projects.  Instead of postponing an Infrared Survey, here is how information from a Survey might help direct the resources and stretch your department budget.  For example –

Infrared Electrical System Survey allows problems to be prioritized.  Staff can target problem areas; if shutdowns are necessary, they can be scheduled to avoid overtime; and replacement parts can be purchased from preferred vendors and shipped by the most economical means.

Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey identifies damaged areas of the roof to keep repair costs low.  Quantification of the amount of the roof with moisture can be used to ensure accurate, competitive bidding.

Infrasonic™ Steam System Surveys can have a direct and substantial impact to your bottom line.  With today’s energy costs and a reported industry average of 50% failure rate of steam traps, your facility could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!  Combined with timely, effective repairs, steam trap surveys provide you with the information to eliminate energy waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your bottom line.  Locating and repairing a single failed trap can pay for can pay for an entire survey.

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