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Infrared Standards vs Infrared Scope of Work

Infrared standards vs infrared scope of work:

infrared standards vs infrared scope of work and Jersey infrared consultantsA Standard may be defined as a criterion set of practices. There are a number of standards and specifications published for infrared thermography. Current standards and specifications that apply to infrared thermography are published by ASNT, ASTM, NETA, NFPA, and Infraspection Institute.  These standards cover certification of personnel, operation of equipment, safety, and inspections of electrical, mechanical, and structural systems.

A Scope of Work (SOW) is a detailed description of work to be performed for a specific project. The SOW should contain all pertinent details such as milestones, description of equipment/locations, deliverables, and end products that are to be provided by the performing party.

Should you require a SOW for an upcoming project, our experienced staff is available to help you to achieve your goals.

Jersey Infrared Consultants’ Infrared Surveys follow procedures that meet or exceed current industry practices and published standards. Standards that we adhere to can be found on our website. To see the standards followed by Jersey Infrared Consultants for our most popular infrared inspections, click on the links below.

Infrared Electrical Surveys
Infrared Flat Roof Surveys
Infrared Photovoltaic Surveys
InfraSonic™ Steam Surveys
Infrared Maritime Surveys

Standards vs. Scope of Work for Infrared Inspections