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Education Programs Now Available

Infrared Education Programs

infrared education programs by Jersey Infrared Consultants

Jersey Infrared Consultants are pleased to offer infrared education programs for your facility, staff, or organization.  These information based programs are presented by Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers® and are designed for all levels and trades, including maintenance staff, upper management, project managers, engineers, and architects.

Seminars range from general Overview of Infrared Thermography to specific application programs.  The Overview of Infrared Thermography covers a wide range of topics including the basic concepts of infrared thermography, commercial and industrial applications, and standards that apply to infrared surveys.  Our application programs go into detail on specific types of infrared surveys or infrared windows.

All attendees receive written material,including notes and support information, to help apply the information learned in their daily work.