“Use It or Lose It”

“Use It or Lose It” is often associated Use It or Lose Itwith spending year-end budget monies.

Infrared Surveys and IR Windows can be wise choices for those looking to reduce a surplus. When faced with a year-end surplus, failure to use all available resources can cause a reduction in future budgets. These reductions can have an impact on your maintenance and PPM programs for years to come.

Infrared Surveys and IR Windows are a sound investment for initiating a PdM program or expanding an existing one.  Whenever considering infrared surveys be certain to:

  • Determine your facility’s immediate needs or problems
  • Consider shutdown schedules and possible maintenance opportunities

If considering the purchase of IR Windows be certain to:

  • Develop your IR Window “Wish List” including prioritization need
  • Consider available installation opportunities during holiday shutdowns

Jersey Infrared Consultants have been leaders in the infrared industry for over 30 years, specializing in commercial and industrial Infrared Thermography.  Our experienced personnel will help you meet today’s maintenance and facility challenges.

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