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November/December 2014     Volume 2  Issue 5

President’s Message

“Use It or Lose It” is often associated with spending year-end budget monies.  Infrared Surveys and IR Windows can be wise choices for those looking to reduce a surplus. When faced with a year-end surplus, failure to use all available resources can cause a reduction in future budgets. These reductions can have an impact on your maintenance and PPM programs for years to come.

Infrared Surveys and IR Windows are a sound investment for initiating a PdM program or expanding an existing one.  Whenever considering infrared surveys be certain to:

  • Determine your facility’s immediate needs or problems
  • Consider shutdown schedules and possible maintenance opportunitiesUse It or Lose It

If considering the purchase of IR Windows be certain to:

  • Develop your IR Window “Wish List” including prioritization need
  • Consider available installation opportunities during holiday shutdowns

Jersey Infrared Consultants have been leaders in the infrared industry for over 30 years, specializing in commercial and industrial Infrared Thermography.  Our experienced personnel will help you meet today’s maintenance and facility challenges.

Winter Follow-Ups Complete Infrared Electrical System Survey Programs

It is a common practice of maintenance departments to perform an Infrared Electrical System Survey in Spring or Summer, in preparation for higher load demands and scheduled shut downs.

An Infrared Electrical System Survey during the winter months can offer many additional benefits:

  • Colder temperatures and shorter days may result in higher load on some equipment, and in some cases, equipment operating that is not available during the Summer months
  • After components have been repaired, a follow-up Infrared Electrical System Survey is recommended to verify the problem has been successfully repaired

When using the last funds in the budget, the goal is to get as much benefit as possible for each dollar spent.  Infrared Electrical System Surveys help improve “reliability” and “cost of avoidance”

Jersey Infrared Consultants will work with you to specifically tailor an Infrared Electrical System Survey to fit your budget.

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Steam Trap Surveys Yield Huge “Green” Dividends

Many sites produce or buy steam for heating or manufacturing purposes. As essential components of a steam system, steam traps steam trap tgram colorare mechanical devices that can have a direct and substantial impact on your bottom line.  With today’s energy costs, combined with an average industry failure rate exceeding 50% of installed traps, your facility could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!Utilizing a musteam line b&wlti-technology approach, our Infrasonic™ Steam System Surveys are performed by Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers® using contact ultrasound detectors and thermal imaging.

Combined with timely, effective repairs, steam trap surveys provide you with the information to eliminate energy waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your bottom line.  Locating and repairing a single failed trap can pay for an entire survey.

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Building Envelope Survey Helps Firm Meet Energy Mandate

All facilities are told “reduce costs by saving energy”; however, some facility managers are challenged with specific goals.  Recently a firm asked usinfrared building envelope thermogram for ideas to help meet a corporate mandate of 5% energy reduction.  Actions already taken by the facility resulted in an energy reduction of about 3%.  After a review, it was decided an Infrared Building Envelope Survey should be the next step.   Due to the size, complexity, and access restrictions of the site, the survey was performed from the exterior of the building.Results of the Survey revealed missing or damaged seals on doors and windows.  A large loss of energy was through vents; negatively energy loss electrical receptaclepressured areas were bringing in untreated air, while positive pressured areas were losing conditioned air.  Air infiltration on the floor of the ground level was traced to a lack of finishing details during construction.  Almost every electrical receptacle showed a thermal pattern consistent with missing gaskets. Upon completing basic maintenance or improvements with in-house personnel, the facility estimated an energy saving of over 7%!

Contact us to see if this type of Survey would help your energy budget.

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