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May/June 2014     Volume 2  Issue 3

President’s Message

June is a month filled with graduations and celebrations.  While it is important to take time to celebrate the hard work needed to accomplish these milestones, it is also a time to set new goals and challenges for the future.  Babe Ruth once said “Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”Jersey Infrared Consultants recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary.  After taking time to enjoy this milestone, we are excited to move forward embracing our new goals and future challenges.  We are starting today with the announcement of our newest infrared application:  Infrared Inspection of Photovoltaic Systems.  This infrared inspection will help meet the need for reliable preventive maintenance of solar fields.

More information about Infrared Inspection of Photovoltaic Systems can be found below or by contacting us directly.

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Infrared Inspection of Photovoltaic Systems

Typical Solar ArrayThe demand for safe, renewable, cost-effective energy sources is at an all time high.  Whether on a rooftop or in an open field, photovoltaic systems are being erected everywhere.  For maximum generation of electricity, it is vital that each cell work correctly.  Infrared thermography is a valuable tool to inspect new installations, as well as perform maintenance inspections, in an efficient non-contact manner.

Inspections of solar fields can be completed from the ground or by aircraft, depending on the size of the field.  As with all infrared surveys, the thermographer must take into account several factors including selection of appropriate infrared imagers and proper site conditions.

Infrared image of Photovoltaic System
An Infrared Photovoltaic System Survey will typically identify defective cells, faulty wiring, partial shading and dirt or debris on the top of a panel surface.  The report should include necessary background information, as well as specific details for each exception or problem identified.

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Infrared Applications Beyond Electrical Inspections

In the commercial and industrial workplace, infrared thermography is commonly used to inspect electrical systems and flat roofs. However, there are several other areas nhere use of an Infrared Survey can provide valuable information.
Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey infrared image
IR Building Envelope Survey – locate moisture infiltration; identify areas of air infiltration/exfiltration; provide document for LEED CertificationIR Mechanical Survey – inspection of rotating equipment, bearings, motors and generators, refractory, boilers and furnaces, and process piping• InfraSonic™ Steam System Survey – condition assessment of existing systems; quality assurance of installations; provide documentation for LEED CertificationIR Underground Pipe Survey – provide quality assurance of new installation; document location of existing pipelines; locate areas of leaks avoiding extensive excavation

Some other unique surveys using Infrared thermography include studying underground tunnels for water infiltration, locating restrictions within heater or boiler tubes, counting wildlife, or law enforcement.

Contact Jersey Infrared Consultants to see if an Infrared Survey can help solve a problem at your site.

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What should an Infrared Survey report include?

At the conclusion of an Infrared Survey, the findings should be documented in a clear, easy-to-understand report, in a written format as well as electronic. A report that complies with industry standards should include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Thermographer’s Comments
  • Description of the work completed and/or findings
  • Detailed information along with thermogram to provide appropriate documentation of problems or areas of interest
  • Avoided Cost Analysis Report (Electrical Surveys only)
  • Drawing of Roof indicating the findings (Roof Surveys only)

Sample reports specific to the type of Infrared Survey can be viewed under the appropriate services or contact us directly.

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