Newsletter Archive: May-June 2013


May / June 2013     Volume 1  Issue 3

President’s Message

June is National Safety Month, organized by the National Safety Council to educate and influence behaviors around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths.  The success of a safety program is directly related to each employee’s sense of ownership of that program.  While leadership and commitment of management is important, the National Safety Council’s concept “Safety Starts with Me” is imperative.

Jersey Infrared Consultants’ safety compliance, background check, and drug screening programs are a part of our commitment to providing an unequaled level of client care and quality service.  The dedication, responsibility and sense of ownership by each member of our staff are the reasons we are  A LEADER IN THE INDUSTRY.

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Infrared Inspection of Emergency Equipment

UPS systems and emergency generators are common defenses for facilities where uninterrupted electrical power is critical.  While most facilities perform IR inspections of their electrical distribution systems at least annually, many fail to inspect or incorrectly inspect their emergency equipment. When performing infrared inspections of emergency systems be sure to:

•  Include all Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches. Inspect switches in both normal and emergency positions.

•  Inspect UPS system controls, switchgear, battery cells, battery bus and wiring. Battery cell temperatures should be the same between cells with no hot spots on individual cells.
•  Have adequate load on the subject emergency circuits. This may be accomplished with normal facility load or by utilizing a load bank.

To help plan your next Infrared Electrical System Survey, download our Suggested Electrical Equipment Checklist.

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Don’t Forget – IR Inspections of Electric Motors

P/PM Programs routinely include highly visible items such as electrical systems, roofs and structures, and HVAC Systems.  However, electrical motors tend to be both out-of-sight and out-of-mind until they fail.  Infrared thermography can be used as a cost-effective diagnostic tool for detecting problems within electric motor systems.  When performing an Infrared Inspection of an electrical motor, the following should be considered:

•  With cover removed, inspect electrical connections at the motor junction box. This should be done in conjunction with the regularly scheduled inspection of the facility’s electrical system.

•  Inspect motor casing for localized hot spots which may be indicative of short circuits within motor windings. Qualitatively compare individual motors to similar motors under similar load.

•  When possible, qualitatively compare inboard and outboard bearings for each motor. If a large Delta T is present, it may be indicative of misalignment or a rotor balance problem. If both bearings are hot, the bearings may be worn or improperly lubricated.

Infrared inspections typically can be performed rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of other types of motor testing. Additionally, infrared can detect evidence of misalignment at lower thresholds than those detectable by vibration analysis and motor current signature analysis.

Jersey Infrared Consultants’ certified infrared thermographers thoroughly understand the theory and operation of electric motors.  Contact us to discuss how infrared inspections of your motors can improve your facility’s P/PM.

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IR Windows Increase Safety

With interest in NFPA 70E at all-time high, many companies are seeking ways to conduct their infrared inspections more safely. Because IR windows permit infrared inspections to be conducted without having to open panel covers, personnel are protected from arc flash and electric shock hazards.   

Proper application of IR windows begins with making the right choice. IRISS windows are available in a wide selection of window materials, sizes, and shapes designed to cost effectively meet any application or installation challenge.

As representatives for IRISS, Inc., Jersey Infrared Consultants offer sales, installation, and training for the world’s most complete and comprehensive line of IR switchgear windows and ports. With our extensive infrared experience, Jersey Infrared Consultants can provide you with guidance to help ensure the success of your installation.

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