Newsletter Archive: July – August 2017

Volume 4  Issue 3  July/August 2017

Continue to Lead and Improve

An often heard phrase is, “We’ve always done it this way.” This statement could be interpreted to mean that it is acceptable to continue current activities whether they are right or wrong – or could indicate a resistance to change and moving toward future improvements. In the business world, neither interpretation is acceptable.

Every good business’s goal is perfection – deliver the best product or service available and act in the customer’s best interest. Jersey Infrared Consultants strive for perfection in all of our work. By working with clients to schedule projects under best conditions, using state-of-the-art equipment, and delivering accurate, timely reports, we provide clients with the best service possible.

A progressive firm should be a leader in its industry – moving forward and improving services should be welcomed innovations. Educating our staff, providing information for our clients, working to write industry standards, and participating in technical committees and organizations are some of the ways Jersey Infrared Consultants are embracing the future.

It is our goal as a LEADER IN THE INFRARED INDUSTRY to “Continue to improve the way it’s done”.

Educational Programs for Your Facility

Jersey Infrared Consultants Newsletter for July-August 2017Jersey Infrared Consultants are pleased to offer educational programs for your facility, staff, or organization. These information-based programs are presented by Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers® and are designed for all levels and trades, including maintenance staff, upper management, project managers, engineers, and architects.

Seminars range from general Overview of Infrared Thermography to specific application programs. The Overview of Infrared Thermography covers a wide range of topics including the basic concepts of infrared thermography, commercial and industrial applications, and standards that apply to infrared surveys. Our application programs go into detail on specific topics such as specific infrared applications, IR windows, and related NDT topics.

All attendees receive written material to help apply the information learned in their daily work.

Contact us for more information on programs that fit your needs.

Make More Money from Your PV Panels

Jersey Infrared Consultants Newsletter for July-August 2017The decision to install solar panels may be influenced by dollars saved through tax breaks,”Green” incentives or to lower energy costs. Calculations are based on the payback and energy cost savings assuming that ALL solar panels are working at 100% efficiency. However, in reality, PV panels often operate at less than capacity due to defects.

For maximum generation of electricity, it is vital that each cell work correctly. Infrared thermography is a valuable tool to inspect new installations, as well as perform maintenance inspections, in an efficient non-contact manner. Typical problems detected during an Infrared Photovoltaic System Survey include:

  • Defective cells within panels
  • Faulty wiring or equipment
  • Partially shaded or obstructed panels
  • Debris or dirt on the panels

Quality assurance inspections of new installations as well as routine maintenance inspections of a Photovoltaic System can improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, allowing your facility to save more money.


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