Newsletter Archive: July – August 2016

Volume 3  Issue 3   July/August 2016

Halfway through the Year –
Where do your Resolutions Stand?
A tradition for many is to make resolutions at the beginning of every New Year.  Whether your resolution is to start a diet, take up a hobby, or have more family time, we all begin with enthusiasm and determination to stay on track; however, these good intentions often get pushed aside and are forgotten.
Many of us make resolutions for work – keep organized, don’t procrastinate, schedule projects BEFORE they are due.  With challenges of the daily work schedule, these resolutions can end up at the bottom of an unorganized pile.
The midway point in the year is a great time to challenge ourselves to get back on track.  Take some time with family before school starts, spend a few minutes organizing your “to do” list, or schedule your next Infrared Survey to ensure that your preferred dates are available.

Case Studies from the Field
Infrared inspection of electrical equipment is one of the most common applications for thermography.  Whether performed as a quality assurance measure for new installations or part of an ongoing preventive maintenance program, the goal of an infrared inspection is to identify latent problems before they cause a failure.
During a recent Infrared Survey at a large metropolitan hospital, Jersey Infrared Consultants’ thermographer Wes Witty identified a conductor operating over 70°C. hotter than similar conductors. This component provided critical power for the facility’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
Upon discovery of this serious defect, facility staff immediately shed load and scheduled a shutdown.  Combined with effective repairs, our Infrared Survey helped to prevent an unscheduled outage and potential damage to equipment vital to patient health and safety.

Standards vs. Scope of Work
for Infrared Surveys
A Standard may be defined as a criterion set of practices. There are a number of standards and specifications published for infrared thermography. Current standards and specifications that apply to infrared thermography are published by ASNT, ASTM, NETA, NFPA, and Infraspection Institute.  These standards cover certification of personnel, operation of equipment, safety, and inspections of electrical, mechanical, and structural systems.
A Scope of Work (SOW) is a detailed description of work to be performed for a specific project. The SOW should contain all pertinent details such as milestones, description of equipment/locations, deliverables, and end products that are to be provided by the performing party. Should you need help in developing a Scope of Work for an upcoming project, contact us to find out how our experienced staff can help you to achieve your goals.
Jersey Infrared Consultants’ Infrared Surveys follow procedures that meet or exceed current industry practices and published standards. Standards that we adhere to can be found on our website. To see the standards followed by Jersey Infrared Consultants for our most popular infrared inspections, click on the links below.