Newsletter Archive: January – February 2017

Volume 4  Issue 1  January/February 2017

What Makes a Leader

Ray Kroc joined McDonald’s in 1954 and lead the company to become the most successful fast food operation in the world by relying on this statement, “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.”

As the leader in the infrared industry, Jersey Infrared Consultants are continuing to set and reach for new standards. Some objectives already accomplished for 2017 include:

  • Continued education with participation at IRINFO 2017
  • Master Thermographer® Certification earned by several staff members
  • Member of the Board of Directors for Metro NY Chapter of RCI
  • Working on new R&D projects in the field of infrared thermography

Less than two months into 2017, we are excited to be off to a strong start; and we have more goals set for this year. We invite you to follow our newsletters and our website and keep up with the new standards set for the infrared industry.

Case Studies from the Field
Infrared Building Envelope Survey Helps Meet Corporate Energy Reduction Goal

When a large national corporation announced a mandate that every one of their facilities reduce their energy consumption by 15% annually, facility managers had to get creative. The first year site personnel met their goal by addressing the most common (and easiest to fix) issues, such as sensors for the lights, computerized thermostats, and automatic door closers. As each year’s goal was met, it became harder for facilities to find areas to save energy. A local facility made the decision to use infrared thermography to look at the site’s buildings to locate areas of energy loss.

Jersey Infrared Consultants Newsletter for January - February 2017The first phase of the project involved looking at approximately one-half of the site’s buildings. Priority was given to buildings that recorded higher than average energy use or buildings that had a history of comfort complaints. The Infrared Building Envelope Survey identified missing insulation in some recently renovated areas; missing or misapplied caulk; damaged weather stripping around windows and doors; and misaligned doors in the warehouse. Many of the issues were fixed under contractor warranties or ongoing maintenance contracts. Other problems were corrected by in-house maintenance projects. The site’s annual energy reduction for the year was over 18%.

The use of Infrared Building Envelope Surveys has now been adapted as part of the corporate energy conservation mandate and is being used nationwide.

If you have questions about applications of an Infrared Building Envelope Survey for your facility, contact our experienced staff for guidance.

InfraSonic™ Steam System Survey Can Pay for Itself

Steam is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that forms when water is heated above 212°F. In a pressurized system, steam is capable of storing and transporting large quantities of energy. Once steam has formed, further heating can increase the amount of energy, resulting in higher temperature and pressure. Once steam leaves the boiler, it begins to lose energy; starts to cool; and condenses back into water. This water is removed from the steam lines by steam traps and returned to the boiler by condensate lines.

Jersey Infrared Consultants Newsletter for January - February 2017The first step in an Infrasonic™ Survey is to use an infrared imager to look at the infrared patterns and check the temperature of the steam supply lines, the condensate lines, and the steam trap. Temperatures below 212°F indicate that steam is not present and the cause must be identified.

The next step is to perform an ultrasound test. Properly working traps are generally quiet except when cycling. Typically, a hissing or a rushing sound indicates a failed trap.

By combining both technologies, faulty traps can be located and repaired. The cost of the survey and the repairs is easily recouped by improved efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Jersey Infrared Consultants Newsletter for January - February 2017